Naturopathic Medicine is the unique approach to health and healing which you've been looking for. It is a form of complementary and alternative medicine which is, by definition, PATIENT-CENTERED HOLISTIC MEDICINE. Dr. Kuzniar's goal as your naturopath is to DISCOVER THE UNDERLYING CAUSE/S OF ILLNESS WHICH ARE SPECIFIC TO YOU, rather than merely managing your symptoms. She offers her patients holistic medicine; treating the whole person- mind, body, and spirit to restore and maintain balance and health. Dr. Kuzniar believes passionately in the principle of "DOCTOR AS TEACHER"- she actively involves her patients in their care, explaining and answering questions each step of the way. 

Dr. Kuzniar is a board certified and licensed Naturopathic doctor. The focus of her practice is on discovering the underlying causes of ill-health; assessing genetic and environmental predispositions; and working with you to develop a personalized naturopathic plan of care to ADDRESS YOUR UNIQUE HEALTH CONCERNS. Dr. Kuzniar combines various naturopathic modalities to offer her patients a highly effective, safe, and natural approach to a variety of health conditions. 

In order to provide patients with broad, holistic care, Dr. Kuzniar is pleased to announce that her clinic has expanded. In addition to Naturopathic Medicine, Your Natural Path to Health Clinic now offers the following services: ACUPUNCTURE AND CHINESE MEDICINE with Dr. Shannon DiCarlo, RN, LAc, DAOM; CHILD PSYCHOLOGY with Dr. Ellen Zeitchik, PsyD; and ADULT AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHOLOGY with Andrea Meth-Thorburn, LCSW. Click here to learn more.

Your Natural Path to Health clinic is located in Nutley and services the Northern New Jersey and New York City metropolitan areas. Click here for directions.

Please browse the website to learn more about Dr. Kuzniar, the clinic, and Naturopathic Medicine.

Feel free to contact Dr. Kuzniar for a COMPLIMENTARY 15 minute phone consultation, if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment.

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Testimonials: I visited Dr Kuzniar 15 lbs over weight, high blood pressure, and always tired. After a few months working with Dr. Kuzniar I lost 10 lbs, dropped my blood pressure significantly, and achieved new levels of vitality.
Dr. Kuzniar also helped my 2 year old daughter heal herself from chronic ear infections and eczema. My family considers her our go to doctor for true health and wellbeing.
-J.G. Elizabeth, NJ

I came to Dr. Kuzniar because I was getting frequent UTI's. I went to a few doctors, one of them being a urologist, and they all suggested that I go on a small dose of medication for life to prevent getting them. Dr. Kuzniar sat with me for 2 hours and very patiently listened to my history from begining to end. She then suggested a few natural remedies to help get rid of this problem. Behold, 3 months have gone by and my UTI's have not come back since. I was really very pleased with my expirience with Dr. Kuzniar.
-S.M. Passaic, NJ

I initially sought out Dr. Kuzniar because of her innovative approach to treating osteoporosis. Since then, I have been very impressed by her holistic approach that takes into consideration, not just a particular condition, but all aspects of an individual´┐Żs physical and mental health. Her advice to me on diet, supplements, exercise, and stress management has all been helpful and illuminating. I live at some distance from her office, and Dr. Kuzniar has been extremely willing to accommodate my schedule and talk with me by phone whenever possible. She takes the time to listen carefully, and she has worked with me to pursue various treatment possibilities, showing a degree of concern and initiative that I have never experienced with other doctors. My overall health has improved markedly since I've been consulting her. -Jacqueline Stone, Kingston, NJ